Happy New Year 2010!

So, here it is, 2010! Time has flown by, I can’t believe it’s already here! Lots of resolutions this year, pretty much the same as every year; get back to working out everyday, lose 30 pounds, paint everyday. Nothing new and exciting there. Except that this year I WILL make it past January! It feels like a different new year this time around. It’s a new decade, this is the year my youngest son will turn 18! This time next year I will have all adult children! Where did all the time go?

Another thing I’ve resolved to do this year is get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I’m hoping to hire an assistant for the gallery at some point this year, which will free up time for me! More time to paint, blog and promote my own art. This is a short work week, we had our First Friday opening last night, so I had to come in a couple of days to get ready for that. Today is the first day the gallery is open again after our time off for Christmas. Next week the schedule goes back to normal.

Looking back at 2009, I’m pleased to say that it was a really good year. Chroma Studios expanded into the new larger space, we had quite a bit of publicity, plus we won an award for the “Best New Business” in downtown in 2009! 2010 is going to be even better, now that I have the routine down here at the gallery, I plan to get back to working regularly on my own art work. For this month’s show I reclaimed one of the gallery rooms and have turned it into my own private art gallery. Only my work will hang in that space. At first, when we opened the gallery, I didn’t want to feature my work too prominently so it wouldn’t seem like a vanity gallery for me alone. Now, after all the work I’ve put in and after showing everyone’s work above my own, I’ve decided I deserve to show more of my work. Plus, it will motivate me to get back to painting! One thing I refuse to do is give up my work for the sake of the gallery. I’ve known of several gallery owners who started out as artists too, but have since given up their work to spend more time on the gallery. NOT ME!! I will not let that happen. I don’t want to end up resenting the artists because I’ve given up my own dream. Besides, I’m always encouraging the artists to put their art first. Shouldn’t I follow my own advice?! Of course! Life is too short!

I am currently working on pieces for the February show. I am teaming up with one of the gallery artists and a good friend, Cari Pier, for a “Peace and Love” featured show next month. So, I have 9~ 8 x 8″ gallery wrapped canvases that I’m doing. The two paintings I posted in December are part of that group. I’m also working on some recycled art, paintings on fabric, stretched into yard sale picture frames. Most of the new work for this show will be small. I may also get to a couple of new LP vinyl paintings in the same theme. So, I will post again very soon, with new work to show!


One response to “Happy New Year 2010!

  1. Right on Paula!! Kick butt take names and Paint like crazy! You can totally do this thing.

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