Birthdays: The BIG 4-0!

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday! OMG! When did that sneak up on me? Today is the last day of my thirties! Seriously, I’m VERY happy to be turning 40. I’m right where I’ve always wanted to be in life. My husband is handsome, sweet and smart. My 3 sons are all grown, well almost, my youngest son is 17. Did I mention my sons are extremely great looking? I’m not just biased, really. They will all be here for my birthday party tonight, finally I can get a recent picture of all of them together. I’m a full time artist and gallery owner. The good part is just getting started, dreams have come true, now it’s time to enjoy the dream life. Tonight I am going to dance my ass off! No regrets, just many lessons learned. I have a LOT to be grateful for. Tomorrow I get to spend the entire day in my studio PAINTING on all the new canvas I just bought! Life is incredibly awesome and beautiful, even if I do still miss my dad. It gets better every day.


2 responses to “Birthdays: The BIG 4-0!

  1. Happy Birthday!! hope u njoyed it. loving ur work!!

  2. 40 is nothing but the beginning of better times. Women come into their own in their 50s I hear. I’ll let you know ’cause I’m a lot closer than you are.

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