Poor Neglected Blog!

My poor blog has been so neglected lately. Basically, I and my art have been neglected lately. With the new gallery space, renting out 16 more studios, looking at artist submissions, etc, etc, there just hasn’t been time. SOON, I must spend some time on me! And MY art! I am finally getting my new office/studio/workshop set up and organized and then it’s time to get back to a normal schedule of painting FIRST! The funk is gone, now that we’re in our new space, life is truly great! I am so very grateful for everything the universe has sent my way. I have decided that next time we decide to move, we’re hiring someone to do all the heavy lifting! I’m getting too old, or maybe just out of shape for that stuff! Actually, my oldest son did most of the moving with Aaron, I only had to lift a couple of heavy items and now I’m paying for it with a sore back!

I just posted a blog on the Chroma Studios site about our May 1st opening. It went extremely well! I even sold one of my record paintings! 

As soon as I get my studio set up, I will post some pics. I promise to blog more often too. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, week, month and year!!


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