This Week’s Inspiration: Motorcycle Ride!

My inspiration for this week was an amazing, fun filled motorcycle ride in the East Mountains with my artist friend, Jacqui. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. I’ve been telling Jacqui that I really want a motorcycle, so she offered to take me for a ride on hers.
It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve been, at least that I can remember!? My dad used to take me riding when I was a kid. My first vehicle was a motor scooter and I just love the feeling of the wind, sun, speed and open air! Needless to say, after our ride on Saturday, I REALLY, REALLY want a motorcycle now! The night before our ride, I had a dream visit from my dad with a big hug, it was as if he was telling me he wished he could be here for the ride (we never really talk in his dream visits, it’s all telepathic). I could definitely feel him there with me, memories flooded my mind the entire time!
The day was more than perfect for a ride, as was evidenced by all the other motorcyclists on the road that day. I was glad for all the extra leather gear Jacqui had for me. Once we got up in the mountains the air was noticeably cooler, but the sun was equally as bright and the speed was awesome! New Mexico has always been a great place for motorcycle lovers!

One response to “This Week’s Inspiration: Motorcycle Ride!

  1. Glad to see you were wearing your helmets! I am so proud! =) Although I only wear my helmet half the time……. bad Tamera.

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