This Week’s Inspiration: Feeling Good!

Another week without a hike, bummer! Aaron was sick most of last week, so this Monday we did nothing but lay around the house. Actually, we did some house cleaning and once we ran out of energy, listened to records and I painted on records. I now have 6 done of the at least 14 I need for next month’s show. So, this week’s inspiration is nothing more than feeling good again. No more fever, no more chills, no more medicine, no more lying in bed! Back to living life to it’s fullest.

Next month is our one year anniversary with Chroma Studios! I can hardly believe it’s already been a year. It truly flew by! It’s been a good year. It’s also been almost a year since I lost my dad. It doesn’t seem possible, he was right, life has continued, life has gone on, life has been beautiful! I will miss dad forever, but I have learned so many life lessons in losing him. So many of the things he used to say mean so much more now. My mom means so much more to me now. My brother, my husband, my sons all mean so much more to me now. Life means so much more. I’m living every day to it’s fullest!


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