This Week’s Inspiration: Indoor Edition

Acrylic on 12" vinyl, "Dynagroove"

Acrylic on 12" vinyl, "Dynagroove"

So, last week’s hike took it all out of me, or I should say, my knee! It was swollen and sore all week and is just now starting to feel kind of normal again. Needless to say, we didn’t go hiking this week. This totally bums me out, because we haven’t missed a week in months and it’s all thanks to my aging body! Getting old truly sucks! We did take a couple of walks to the river in the past week, but no awesome landscapes or new trails to discover and share. Instead, I will share some of the painting I’ve been doing this week. On Monday rather than enjoying a hike, I stuck around the house, listened to some of my dad’s vinyl and painted.


I have lots to do to get ready for my featured show at the gallery next month. It’s been difficult to get back in to the swing of painting everyday. I used to paint daily with no problem, now that I have a gallery to run, it’s not so easy. It seems like every time I pick up my brush someone comes in or the phone rings. I know, I need to stop whining. I hate whiners, so why do I do it so much?

In addition to being my featured month at the gallery, April is the one year anniversary of the studios space opening. I can hardly believe it’s already been a year! Six months since we opened the gallery. Next month is going to be a BIG show! We will have another studio artist, Chris Schelling, featured in the gallery with me and the upstairs studios will be open to the public. We will also have live music in different locations throughout the space, including a band out in the courtyard! There will be lots of art, music and refreshments, hope you will stop by if you are in the area!

One of the projects I started years ago and have picked back up for next month’s show is painting on old vinyl LP records. My dad gave me several of his doubles back when I started, but now that I have inherited ALL his records, I have gone through and taken out all the doubles. So, I have plenty to work with! To say the least! Below are two that I finished on Monday. I’m working towards finishing 12 of them to hang in the indoor windows of my studio. One of the cool things about these is you can turn them over and play the record on the other side! Plus, they have a perfect hanger built in!

Acrylic on 12" vinyl,

Acrylic on 12" vinyl, "Percy Faith"

 The other project I started years ago and am now picking up again, is my pre-framed oils on canvas. I built the frames from raw lumber and attached the canvas so the frame and painting are all in one piece. No framing necessary!

Oils on canvas and wood

Oils on canvas and wood


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