Cleaning out the studio

I am currently cleaning out my studio and discovered several older paintings that I would love to ship off to anyone who would give them a good home. They are all 25% off their normal retail prices. I don’t usually mark down my prices, but my goal is to encourage collectors of my work to snatch these up! Art is a great investment! Not to mention, my art has been likened to “Sunshine for the indoors”! Great time of the year for a little indoor sunshine, don’t you think? Check out all the clearance art

I just finished and posted my latest art newsletter.

In addition to getting the studio cleaned up, I’m hanging the gallery with new art for February. David Lloyd Stewart is the featured artist for the month. Plus there are several other artists that are new to Chroma Gallery; Cindi Gaudette, Suzanne Baca, and Justin Simenson have just recently signed on for representation. In addition to our regular Chroma artists, Caroline C Blaker, Diane Walton Reitz, Jacqui Lewnes, Susan See, Paula Snyder, Cari Pier, Jean O’Neill, Dayna Griego, Nick Harmon and Kerri Green. Last but not least, I will have a few pieces hanging, including my newest large canvas that I have decided to name “Awakening”.


One response to “Cleaning out the studio

  1. Cleaning is never a bad thing. I have loads of older paintings as well. I have to get on the ball with painting again. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!!!

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