Sell my art and get paid!

In this week’s Art biz blog newsletter, Alyson Stanfield talks about affiliate programs to help sell your art. I have offered a referral program in the past, but this is a bit different. In the past, I offered free prints in exchange for selling my art. This is cold, hard cash people! The affiliate program seems like a better idea, so I am currently working out how I will do it. Basically, it works like this, you help me sell my art by blogging, posting it on your facebook page, sending emails out to your friends and family, whichever way you would like, and I pay you a commission on the sale. I plan to pay a 20% commission on sales, so depending on what you sell, you could make up to $400 for selling one of my paintings! My question is this, would this be something of interest to you? I plan to work it out so that I would pay out commissions on a monthly basis. It’s a win/win situation. I sell my art and you can make extra money helping me out! I will post more information as I figure out how it will work. I would like it to be automated so I can easily keep track of who is selling what and how much I owe to who. If you happen to know a way I can accomplish this, please let me know!

My newest painting is now complete, except for a title! I’m having trouble naming it, so I’ve decided to have a contest! Help me name this piece and win the first print of it! Leave your idea for the title in the comments section. I will leave the contest open until I pick a winner! I used a new technique for finishing the edge of the canvas. I used a metal tape on the sides, embossed a design in the metal, then painted over the embossing with purple paint and wiped off the excess to leave the color in the design. I really love the way it came out, hard to see in the photo, better in person! Thanks to my artist friend, Cari Pier, for the idea!

Newest painting, no title yet, 48" square oil on canvas

Newest painting, no title yet, 48" square oil on canvas

New technique on the side of the canvas

New technique on the side of the canvas


3 responses to “Sell my art and get paid!

  1. How about naming the painting “Mystique”?

  2. I like that one, Mary! Thanks, I had two suggestions on Facebook too.

    Ethereal and Sol

    Anyone else?

  3. Flying

    it’s gorgeous!

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