Change is here!

Today was such an inspirational day! We stayed home this morning to watch the inauguration, it was awesome! So exciting. Now the long road back from the hell of the past 8 years. I’m smart enough to know that it won’t be an instant fix, but I have a LOT of hope and anticipation for the future. Perhaps the best part of the morning was watching GW Bush get on the helicopter and LEAVE! My favorite find of the day, the new and improved White House website! The White House has a BLOG!! I love it!

At the same time though, today was full of more news of local layoffs. My 18 year old son, unable to find a job, joining the National Guard. Scary times. I am a full time, self employed artist and gallery owner. While I don’t have to worry about getting laid off, I do have to worry about art sales slowing down. I am determined to stay positive! I will do what has to be done. I will work harder, longer hours. Concentrate more on marketing, promotion and maybe even have a clearance sale in my etsy shop. This isn’t the first time I’ve been a full time artist during tough economic times. This too will pass!

So, this is what has been on my mind today. Instead of worrying though, I worked on painting a new sign for the sidewalk in front of the building. Concentrated on attracting more customers in to the gallery. Life is beautiful! My life is good!


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