Old Dan’s Records

So, Saturday was my 39th birthday! To celebrate, my brother came up from Las Cruces and joined Aaron and I at the Gordon Lightfoot concert here in town. It was just amazing! I have loved his music since I was a kid, basically, I was raised with his music. He has always been a favorite. My dad loved his music too, which is how I was introduced.

I knew that my dad would have loved to see this concert, which is part of the reason, when I found out it was happening on my birthday, that I just had to go! I called my brother and told him about it and of course he was in. The entire concert was great, but the best part was saved for last. The last song of the night, ‘Old Dan’s Records’, was proof to us that my dad was there with us. See, for those who don’t know this, my dad’s name is Dan, and his lifelong passion was collecting records! We just recently finished building shelves for those records in our house (lucky me, I inherited them all!) and have been waiting for a new record needle to come in so we could listen to those records. So, the encore song of the concert was all too fitting! There are a couple of lines that really hit home for us, ‘dig out old dan’s records…if old dan was still around, you know he’d be so proud’. It made me bawl the night of the concert and it still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. The only thing that would have made my birthday any better is if my dad would have been there with us, I still miss him oh so much! I found the video above on you tube, apparently, ours was not the only show he closed with that particular song. Thanks Gordon!

6 responses to “Old Dan’s Records

  1. David Lloyd Stewart

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Paula! What an amazing, touching story – I’m glad you got to experience that! It was a treat to read.

  2. your post gave me goosebumps in a good way. How special it must have felt.Happy Birthday 🙂

  3. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Dave and Jafa, it really was an amazing night!

  4. Nothing like some Gordon Lightfoot to brighten my day as well. Always nice when loved one’s let us know they’re still with us. 🙂


  5. Paula, first Happy Birthday and many more. Second, thanks for sharing that one in a million experience. How special you are, to have everything come together like that. I just visualized it and felt so warm. Keep being yourself you are on the right track. Miss and remember Dan all the time. He was a good man that loved to share the music and his records.

    All my love to you and yours. Min….

  6. Happy belated birthday Paula!

    Love Gordon Lightfoot too…

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