I have a blog post planned all about the Maravilla benefit for the National Hispanic Cultural Center that we attended on the 13th, I even have photos! Of course the rechargeable batteries are no longer taking a charge, so I can’t get the photos off the camera. Anyway, maybe later in the week.

We have under two weeks until our next opening at Chroma Studios. October 3rd is our First Friday show, our first with the Albuquerque Arts Crawl. Lots and lots to do to get ready. We painted the new gallery space at the end of last week and still have to hang art. Plus, clean the floors, promote the show, on and on!

Anyway, figured I’d post something to let everyone know I’m still alive, just busy as usual!

I will try to get photos posted of the new space as soon as I have batteries. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, week, month and year!

One response to “Overwhelmed

  1. just let me know if there’s any way I can help; promo, hanging, etc.

    I’ll see you tonight, after 6pm, with a couple pieces.

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