Damn you Rocco!

Now that I’ve reorganized and started back on the road to following a business plan, I decided it was also time to whip my fat butt back into shape! I’ve gained over 30 pounds in the past year and I’m literally making myself sick. I haven’t felt ‘healthy’ in over a year, since I stopped my regular 5 day a week workouts. My back is always killing me.

Enter Rocco, personal trainer and recent Albuquerque resident. I found him on my favorite Albuquerque website, Duke City Fix, in a blog post about his Boot Camp workout class. He actually helped a girl lose 30 lbs. in 30 days on the MTV show ‘Made’. That was enough to get me interested. I had planned to go check it out since he offers the first day for free, but ever the procrastinator, I put it off. In the meantime, I added Rocco as a friend on Duke City Fix. So, yesterday, who shows up at Chroma Studios? Rocco himself! I guess he saw the sign for Chroma Studios and decided to stop in to check it out. Really nice guy. We had a nice chat and he gave me a few free passes for the boot camp. Now I guess I had no choice but to show up. He took the time out of his day, so why not go work out?
Damn you Rocco! What a workout! I haven’t worked out that hard since my days in real boot camp(Army) when I was 18 years old. I’m a little older now, to say the least! I seriously thought I was going to die, or puke, or both. Thank god by the time I started getting the sick feeling in my stomach we were on the next to last exercise. I have to admit it felt good, once I was done! Although, my ENTIRE body was shaking for about an hour afterwards! What an awesome workout, but I have to say it wasn’t like boot camp in one way, Rocco is a funny, nice guy! He made sure I did the exercises correctly and talked about eating candy at the State Fair! Nothing like the drill sergeants I had back in the Army. I’ll be back on Wednesday for sure, time to lose that 30 lbs!

5 responses to “Damn you Rocco!

  1. lol, hum I think I will stick with my slow plan (taken a year to lose 30). Although had my back been better I might have considered your boot camp. Best of luck with it.

  2. Paula Manning-Lewis

    LOL! Whatever works, you know? Good for you though, 30 lbs lost is 30 lbs lost!

  3. My workout routine is better, Paula.

    6am — stretch waaay over to the alarm clock; snooze it.
    6:40 — strongly press the ‘off’ button
    7:30 – 4pm — sit, type, [hundreds of reps] hold the phone strongly.
    5:00:05pm — begin lifting 12-16oz bottles of liquid from about waist high to about chin high…hold the position…down, then repeat. MANY reps.

    This routine has proved to increase my over-all girth and mass, thus further insulating my vital organs from harm. It’s not for everyone, though. You may find you experience side-effects such as blurred vision, slurred speach, nudity, and befuddlement. Proceed with caution.

  4. Paula Manning-Lewis

    that’s too funny!

  5. I often see a boot camp class in my neighborhood park and for a flash, consider it momentarily – but then think better of it when I get back to the safe confines of my home. Good for you – can’t wait to see how your weight loss progresses! Good luck!

    I myself turned to drugs and will find out in a couple of weeks how much I’ve lost. I know it’s been at least 15-20 pounds since July 1 gauging from the way my clothing fits now.

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