Mi Vida Loca

Peace Pride One, 12″ oil on canvas, in progress

Hectic, crazy, overwhelmed, emotional…….this is my life currently! We are in the crunch time for preparing for the grand opening of Chroma Studios. Picked up our postcard announcements this morning. I have to get busy writing blog posts for my other blog(Chroma Studios) to introduce all our studio artists. Because I’ve been so busy and haven’t started yet, I’m going to have to group artists together instead of everyone getting their own daily post. We’ve hired my youngest son to help with getting all the trim painted at the studios. Thank God for summer break and bored teenagers!

This weekend, same as last, we have to travel down south to Las Cruces/El Paso. Aaron has a gig on Saturday in Las Cruces and we have one more load of stuff to clear out my dad’s house. Gas prices are skyrocketing so basically the money Aaron is making on the gig will all go towards gas! Oh well, it’s all about the exposure, right?

I’m working on a new series of Peace paintings, incorporating rainbows, for an upcoming show. I have a booth at the Albuquerque Pride Festival this year and wanted to do some special pieces for that in memory of my dad. The painting above is the first one, in progress. It’s a 12″ square oil on canvas. I plan to make prints and notecards of these images.


One response to “Mi Vida Loca

  1. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now.

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