Changed my mind

So, after thinking about it for a week I have decided not to move out of the Factory on 5th after all. I will still be moving however, into a smaller studio. I’m moving my office and framing equipment to the empty rooms at the house and keeping my painting studio here. I will no longer be in the main factory building but I will have a smaller studio in the front office building. That will eliminate the problem of open ceiling and no privacy, plus the new studio has a skylight AND windows so my light will be much better. After telling all my artist friends about the move I decided I would miss the comraderie too much. Also, I need to have a place for studio visits that won’t interfere with my home. I never have liked the idea of inviting clients to the house.

I was working late here at the studio last night and finished a couple more needlepoint designs. One I like, the other I’m not so thrilled with. I may work on it a little more to see if it can be salvaged. I will try to get photos posted soon. I will be working on a new design today as well.

I have to leave the studio early today because my brother’s band is coming up from Las Cruces to play a gig in Albuquerque tonight. I have to get home and do some cleaning and cooking to prepare for their arrival. If you are here locally, go check out Wormhole at Burt’s Tiki Lounge downtown. The show starts at 9:30pm.


One response to “Changed my mind

  1. I’m really glad you’re staying at the Factory! It’s always great to see you there!

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