Factory on 5th and other thoughts

Tonight is the First Friday show at the Factory on 5th. I am almost ready in the studio, busy printing business cards and rehanging art on the walls.

My latest news regarding the Factory is starting in January I will no longer have my studio here. My two older sons have moved out of the house and it makes no sense to keep paying rent for an outside studio when we have two empty rooms at home.

In some ways I’m happy about the move, I will be able to work anytime of the day, I won’t have to commute anymore which will save us money on gas, and we will save the money paid on rent.

In other ways I’m not happy about the move, I will miss the artist friends I’ve made at the Factory, I will no longer have a “place of business”.

At the same time, there will no longer be the distraction of the dramas that occur when more than 5 artists are working in the same building. One of the problems I’ve always had with the Factory is that the ceilings are open so there is no real sense of privacy. Everyone knows each other’s business. Music has to be low so it doesn’t bother the other artists.

Some people don’t have my sense of courtesy, so there is always someone else’s music blasting over mine. I like to blast my music while I paint too, but I feel bad about annoying other people. I won’t have to worry about that anymore.

2 responses to “Factory on 5th and other thoughts

  1. Well, it was fun and now I have sausage man to keep my thoughts from being too boring! Who knew? I will nver eat in public again…thanks a lot! leau

  2. Sausage man…

    Couch pants.

    Curtain skirt.

    What a night!

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