Painting Frenzy

I’ve been busy painting everyday, finally getting into a rhythm, feels great!!! I have finished a couple of larger canvases as well as a daily journal painting and a new needlepoint design. Life, in general, is great these days, even with the colder weather!

Also, finally got around to updating my blog with a new header, a subscription sign up box and links to the other artists with studios here at the Factory on 5th(on the right hand sidebar). I also updated my blogroll list, wow, it’s about time!

I now have my larger paintings up for sale on:

Deconstruction, 24 x 20″ watermixable oils on canvas

Meditation, 20 x 20″ Watermixable Oils on canvas

As usual, the smaller daily journal painting is up at Etsy.

Star Spiral, 8 x 8″ watermixable oils on canvas board

Albuquerque Sun needlepoint design


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