First Friday at the Factory on 5th; Tonight!

To all those who live here in the Albuquerque area, come down to the Factory on 5th tonight for our November First Friday show!

6 -11pm at 1715 5th Street

Over 20 artists will be showing with lots of free refreshments and entertainment by my wonderful husband, Aaron Lewis, on guitar!

Hope to see you there!

I will get back to posting more photos on my next post! 🙂


4 responses to “First Friday at the Factory on 5th; Tonight!

  1. I wish I lived there! You can bet that I would show up for sure! I hope that you take pictures! Have a wonderful time! *HUGS*

  2. Doh – too bad Albuquerque is so far away, I would have liked to have gone.

  3. Hi..your new work rocks and the photos from your holiday are FAB. The show was fun, we are such a diverse tribe.

    We’re off to Santuario de Chimayo for the day, we need a getaway to just ‘be’ and take reference photos. I will miss you but we’ll be at the studio tomorrow.


  4. Hey, I’m looking forward to meeting you when I get to Albuquerque!
    Katie–from Seattle–on her way to Albuquerque!

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