More older new work

What I mean by the title is that this painting is an older new piece that I haven’t yet posted here or on etsy. Today is the day! I’m working on getting everything posted that was skipped during the State Fair when I was too busy to post regularly. I hope to also have my two painted instruments up in the Etsy shop today. I finally put the beaded strings onto the guitar but still have to take some good photos.

This painting is called “Universe” and it’s 20 x 20″ oil on canvas.

6 responses to “More older new work

  1. Mamacita Caliente

    I can’t wait to see the guitar it sounds completely fabulous!

  2. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Check it out in my etsy shop. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ohhh how beautiful! Wonderful work! Your work is always just so vibrant and just outstanding! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

  4. Jessica Torrant

    Another gorgeous creation. Your work really inspires my soul (and all of the new work is outstanding too!).

  5. Your work ROCKS. We’re destined to have studios side by side. You can make me shriek wildly with joy and weep in the same day.

  6. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! You all keep me inspired!

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