Working on my portfolio today. Updating my bio, resume, and writing my artist statement. Writing is one my least favorite things to do. At least this type of writing. I journal and blog all the time, but this is professional writing! I have to sound educated and interesting. English was one of my better subjects in school, I always got As, but it is so difficult to write about myself. Anyone else out there have this problem? I almost wish I had one of those fill in the blank forms I could use and just input my information. I’ve been browsing the Art Biz blog for help. How fitting that she has been covering this subject recently! Alyson sure is a huge help!

Other than forcing myself to work on the business side of things, I’m getting ready for our trip to San Francisco. I can hardly wait! It has been over 20 years since I’ve been to California. One of the things I’ve been doing to get ready is searching galleries online in the San Fran. area. WOW! There sure are a lot to see. I’m trying to narrow it down online so when I get there it won’t be so overwhelming. We will only be there for 4-5 days so I want to see as much as possible without wasting time on galleries where my art wouldn’t fit in.

Here are the photos of my new studio that I’ve been promising for months! The photos are taken from the door looking in and going left to right respectively.

Office area with the portraits I’ve painted of my sweet hubby

Storage/Work area, I also have a nice tall window although it’s east facing

The back wall with some of my older work

My painting area with comfy chair for reading/writing, large painting in progress

4 responses to “UUGGHH!

  1. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Thanks, Paula. Yep, we all have problems with writing about ourselves. It’s so much easier for me to help an artist with her bio than for me to do my own. That’s why I get someone else’s help and feedback. But it sounds like you’re on your way.

  2. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks for the comment, Alyson! Your Art biz blog is a great resource!

  3. Very cool photos. Aaron has radar for when I am in your studio or you visit mine.

    Hope you had a good day and resolved your large ptg.


  4. Your new space looks awesome Paula!

    Yah, even after taking Alyson’s class last winter, I’m still procrastinating writing a proper artist statement. They all sound so hokey.

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