Finally! New work!

Dancing Sun Rise and Shine (SOLD!)
Sunshine (SOLD!)
Centering (SOLD!)

Actually, these are paintings I did while I was at the Fair. Just now finally getting them posted on Etsy and here. Currently, I’m working on a new large canvas. I will take a photo soon, I promise. Actually, this painting has been started for over a month, but the finish took a while to come to me. Still not finished, but at least I know where it’s going.

I had to buy a new easel to accommodate the larger size I’m working on. I’ve realized that the small canvases are restricting my inspiration. So, it’s time to go big!

We have made plans for a trip to San Francisco at the end of October! I can hardly wait. It’s meant to be a business trip, but my birthday is the 25th, so it’s going to be fun too! The plan is to scout out galleries in the Bay area. I have had many people tell me my work would do well there. We shall see!


2 responses to “Finally! New work!

  1. Love “Centering” and I’m so glad to hear your going big!

    I love San Fran – I hope you have a great trip.

  2. Ohhh these are sooo vibrant and beautiful! Although all of your work is that! Wonderful works! I would really love to work with you. Please let me know if you are ever in Savannah, Ga.

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