In the Studio

After a well needed break, I’m back in the studio today. Spent most of the day working on a large painting I started a couple months ago. I had been stuck on it but finally had that moment of AHA when I knew exactly where it would go next. I love it when that happens! I will try to take a progress photo tomorrow. I have been itching to get back to painting! I did some painting out at the Fair, but nothing big. I plan on doing more big paintings in the near future.

This week is First Friday at the Factory on 5th! I only have three more days to get my studio cleaned up and art hung! Yikes!! I’m working on getting all my art hung, old and new, in my studio. Brought in several older works that I had at the house. A few landscapes, a few portraits. Thought it would be interesting for people to see where I came from before painting my spiral abstracts. I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of my studio since I moved in, so I’ll try to get that done too, once I have everything hung.

Hope everyone is having as wonderful a day as I am! Smile, it will make you happy!! 🙂


One response to “In the Studio

  1. Hi you. 🙂 Crazy busy here with b-day, friends arriving, and painting for a juried show. Nov will probably be my last show at Factory 5 for the winter season.

    I can’t wait to revisit your work from days past. I love your landscapes in wc and you draw like an angel. Some ppl should take lessons. lol

    C’ya tomorrow. I don’t think we’re going in today. I’m painting and Dave is stretching canvas. I’m liking my revamped studio space here. xx’s

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