The Neighborhood Market

Busy, busy, busy this week. Tomorrow is the start of The Neighborhood Market in downtown Albuquerque. If you are in the Albuquerque area, please come check it out! It will be loaded with lots of great art and music, great place to shop for that last minute Mother’s Day gift! I will try to remember to take my camera so I can share photos of the market for those of you who aren’t in the area.
The Neighborhood Market is located downtown on Gold between 7th and 8th Streets, behind the Flying Star. Hours are 10-4 every Saturday through October.


6 responses to “The Neighborhood Market

  1. Té la mà Maria

    irreverent, iconoclastic e liberty
    in Catalonia – Spain


  2. Have a great time and sell lots!

  3. I wish I were able to go.Sound’s like you’ll have a great time! I’m looking forward to seeing the photo’s you take. 🙂

  4. I wish you much success at the market! Wish I lived closer…I would pop on over.

  5. plasticpumpkin

    Hey, Paula! Hope you sell a lot over there at the market. We were hoping to get over there today.

  6. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks everyone!
    The market went well, had a great time! I got a bad sunburn, but other than that. 🙂

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