Etsy Collaboration

I am excited to announce that I have started a new collaboration with etsy artist Thecharmlady! ( Actually, she’s doing all the work, I just contributed my images!

She recently contacted me about putting my art onto her pendants and wham, bam, a day later there are 5 great looking art pendants in her etsy shop! She even gave me my own section! So, check out the link below to see my art pendants! Also, don’t forget, I have these images up for sale in my etsy shop! She is selling the pendants in her shop and giving me a percentage of sales! Isn’t that cool?!

I’m busy getting frames together for the new booth on Fourth Street and preparing for the new Neighborhood Market that starts in Downtown Albuquerque on May 12th. If you are in the area, come check it out! You can also find out more about the Market on their website: I am planning to do a feature on the market as soon as I can get around to interviewing the founder, Susana Lucero. Never seems to be enough time in the day!!!

Actually, I have a backlog of people to interview for features on the blog. I haven’t forgotten about all you wonderful artists, I will be in touch soon!

One response to “Etsy Collaboration

  1. The pendants look fabulous.

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