Lunch break…

Finishing up the final preparations for the gallery opening tomorrow. Taking a break to have a little lunch and figured I’d write a quick post. Next week I will be listing the rest of my new 2007 prints in my Etsy shop. I’m taking down some of the originals from my Etsy shop so I can have them at the show. Whatever doesn’t sell I will relist.

I just put up what is called the “Etsy mini” on my sidebar. This cool little widget will take you directly to listings in my shop or to the main page or to my shop page. If you are on Etsy, you must have one!

Today is a beautiful day here in Albuquerque, it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees today!!! I love spring! Anyway, on Monday I will hopefully be back to normal with the show out of the way! I must admit, I’m a little nervous since this is the first gallery show I’ve done in over 3 years!


7 responses to “Lunch break…

  1. Good Luck with your gallery opening!!

    I can hardly wait until it’s gets up to an average of 70 around here. So far, it’s only been flirting with the seventies.

  2. I’ve been wondering if you were ready and for some reason only I can’t explain, thought it was this weekend. I’ll be waiting to hear good things because that is what I expect.

  3. Good luck with the show! I am sure it will be great!

  4. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thank you all! I plan to write a post all about it with photos later today, we had a great time!

  5. Thanks for the compliments on my blog. Your blog is so nicely done. I need to work on mine some more. I wish you much success with gallery opening. Your work is very beautiful. I think we both have a love of color in common.

  6. The Lone Beader

    Just stoppin in to say hello. I like that new widget you added. Good luck=:)

  7. I hope its successful for you!

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