Featured Etsy Shop: Happy Bee

This week’s featured seller is Happybee. She is an international Etsy seller, living in Italy. You can find her shop at www.Happybee.etsy.com

When did you first start sewing?
Well, I started sewing about 5 years ago!
I did cross stitch since I was a child but…I never tried to sew anything…
then…I know…this is much fun but…it’s true: I loved to see on the television “Dr.Quinn Medicice Woman”, do you remember it?
Wonderful scenery, lovely stories and…why not…Sully was really an awesome man!!!
So…I discoverd quilts watching this show!
I really fell in love for those pieces of art and so I started to search them on-line, reading book, magazine and…I would try to make them!
And…I started to sew!!!
I love make quilts and I love the wonderful world of the quilters, great persons, always sooo kind and ready to give you help!
And I love to read stories behind quilts!!!

What was the first thing you made?
well…the first thing I made was…a quilt!!!!
It wasn’t wonderful because…I did it completely by myself and just following directions on a books but…believe me…at the end…I really loved it!!!!
Then, I took some classes and I improved my sewing and discovered wonderful patchworks techniques!!!

What other jobs have you had?
As sewing unfortunately isn’t my job…I work as a part time secretary in the afternoon from Monday to Friday!
But…in the morning I’m at home and I can sew!!!!
I adore sew and create new things, I love make quilts but also I love make ma bags, purses, sewing accessories!!!
My job as secretary isn’t much creative…you know…reply to telephone calls, do envoices…nothing of really exciting!
So…when I sew…I really can be creative and I love the way I feel while I’m sewing!!!
This make me really happy!!!

If you could learn a new art/craft, what would it be?
Mmm…surely painting!!!
I love painting, love vibrants colors and love the idea to “keep” something or someone on a toile forever!!!!
But…I’m really bad in drawing so… LOL…I’ll continue to sew!!!LOL

Tell us something you would like people to know about you.
Well, about me…I’m an italian young woman and I’m married with my hubby since 1997 (so this year…will be 10 years!!!)
I’m happy about my life!
I love to read and travel!
I love USA, wonderful scenery there, very friendly people and lots of quilts!
If I could choose…I would love to live 6 months there and 6 months here in Italy but…this is only a dream!
I love good food and here…we have wonderful food and…sometimes (yes…sometimes) I love to cook too!

As regards sewing, as I told you before, I love sewing and I love make things for me and for people!
I like the way you feel when you have an item that is handmade, you know it it’s unique and this make you happy and so special!
I put in my items all the love and the experience I have and always do my best!
I love when people contact me for custom orders because, in this way, I can personalize the item as they would like!

One response to “Featured Etsy Shop: Happy Bee

  1. Ohhh she does LOVELY WORKS! I must go and check her shop out!!! Thanks for sharing her with us!

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