The Best 10th Anniversary I could ask for!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! We just got tickets for The Police show in Denver this summer!! This is like a dream come true, I never thought they would go on tour again and I definitely never thought I’d be able to go! The best part is, this is my 10th anniversary present from my wonderful hubby!

So, in celebration of my excitement, I’m putting some of my paintings at special prices in my etsy shop! Check out the Clearance section for the specials.

6 responses to “The Best 10th Anniversary I could ask for!

  1. I liked your earlier post of the guitar. Cool. I’m glad you get to come to Denver this summer. Need a bed to flop into?

  2. Oh I am a huge fan of The Police Too! So lucky Paula!

    I have so missed checking blogs and writing in my own. Thanks for putting me in the treasury you had this week too!

    I have been sick and the stalker thing threw me for a loop. I think I have it under control now. Big hugs and thank you for being my friend and checking on me :))

  3. WOOO HOOO! Congradulations! I’m sooo happy for ya Paula!

  4. Lucky you! I just did a search for tickets at the Pepsi Center and they’re sold out. A few years ago, we saw Sting in concert and he was good, but the Police back together should be awesome!

    Needless to say, when you come up, if the stars align, maybe we’ll be able to meet in person.

  5. Lucky you – I just love ‘Every Breath You Take’.

    Like your recent work too – especially the guitar!

  6. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Mary, thanks for the offer of a bed! Fortunately, my best friend from childhood lives in Denver and will be going to the concert with us and we will be staying with her and her husband. Thanks again for the offer!

    Shoozles, so glad to hear from you again! Glad to hear the stalker thing is resolved…people are kooky!!

    Thanks Angela!

    yeah, I think it sold out in like 5 minutes!! I’ve seen Sting twice, but seeing the Police is going to be awesome!! And I was going to make a point of trying to meet you in person while we’re up there, possibly get a pot throwing lesson too?? Anyway, I can’t wait, and I hope we can meet!

    Philip, yes, lucky indeed! Thanks for the comment on the guitar, can’t wait to finish it!

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