Last progress photo

This is yesterday’s progress photo of the portrait commission I’m working on. I finished this morning! Waiting for my camera batteries to recharge so I can take the final photo. There were only a few last touches to be made after this photo, so I figured I’d post it while I wait for the batteries. I don’t think I said before, but this is an oil painting on canvas, 16 x 20″.

I’m so nervous about showing it to the customer. That’s always the hardest part with doing commissions. Will they love it? Will they think it was worth the money they paid?

Personally, I love it and think it came out beautifully!

Now it’s back to cutting mats!


9 responses to “Last progress photo

  1. Well done Paula, I have enjoyed watching the progress on your portrait. I think your customer will be very pleased with the outcome, you really captured the essence of children in this work.

  2. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Cynthia, I’m so happy to be done with it! Now I have to do the hardest part, call the customer and hope he loves his painting! I always get so nervous at this point!

  3. I agree – I think they’ll be thrilled with it. It’s so challenging to work from a photo and get a real sense of likeness in people, ESPECIALLY children. You nailed it. Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with something fun/nice/relaxing just for you – you deserve it!

  4. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Jessica, you are right! He did love it! Now I can relax. You are so right about the challenge of working from a photo, especially with kids I’ve never met before!

  5. Paula, I showed the progress photo to Terry last week and she recognized all the kids and said you really captured them all so well. That was when the boy on the left still didn’t have any eyes!! Having seen the photo you worked from, it looks like you really caught all the kids essences!!! Mom

  6. I’ve always loved your protraits, and i still do. well done.

  7. I can’t see how they would be dissatisfied, it is really charming and beautifully executed.

  8. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Mom, Amy and Jafa!
    And this isn’t even the finished portrait! I’m going to take the final photo today and post it later after I cut mats for the morning.

  9. I am sure they will love it Paula! It is full of life and energy and beautifully done.

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