Portrait progress

Latest progress photo, taken before I worked on it for a couple hours today. I seriously have to be done with this by Friday! I am getting close. I ran out of light to take a photo of today’s progress, but I want to work on it another day before I post another one.

Today I went to the doctor, she prescribed physical therapy for my back problem. Hopefully, that works. I may just have to get a massage too, oh darn!
Once I get the portrait done, I have tons of mats to cut! For any of you who don’t know this already, I also do matting and framing jobs on the side, to help support my art. I have worked as a manager and even owned a frame shop in the past, now I work out of my studio. So, if you have any matting or framing that you need done, I have great wholesale prices, just email me. You can also find some of my mat listings in my ebay store. One of these days, when I have time, I also plan to put up some ready made standard size wood frames. Since I make them all myself, I have also considered putting them up on Etsy. All I need is a few 40 hour days to get it all done! Or possibly a little patience in the knowledge that I can’t do it all at once. 😉

3 responses to “Portrait progress

  1. The portrait is really looking great, Paula!

    Framing and matting…what a wonderful skill to have as an artist! I’ve often thought I should get a job in a frame shop to learn the proper way!

    I have a hand held mat cutter, but what a pain!

  2. Paula this is going to be such a beautiful portrait.

  3. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thank Cynthia and Mary, I cannot wait to finish it! I am almost there. I think a couple of hours tomorrow is all it will take.

    Framing and matting is one of the greatest skills for an artist to have! I have saved so much money doing it myself. And you know, Cynthia, I learned how by getting a job in a frame shop many years ago. That was the best 1 month job I ever had! They paid me AND trained me!

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