Flower theme


I’m feeling so inspired today, I painted two paintings in record time! More 8 x 10″ daily journal paintings, oil on canvas board. I will add the links to the auctions once they begin. One starts today and the other starts tomorrow evening.
Green is my favorite color, in case you were wondering ‘why on earth would she paint a green flower?’ Besides, these are abstract, not realistic flowers. I’m really enjoying these little paintings! I’m thinking about creating a new poster with all the small paintings collaged together.
Next week I have the commission to start on. My goal is to finish the portrait by the end of the month. I’m psyched that I get to do an oil portrait! I love doing pencil sketches, but they are not as challenging as they used to be.

6 responses to “Flower theme

  1. An idea for you…sell prints of your originals at imagekind.com

    My gallery is at http://cyndisstuff.imagekind.com

    It’s a very cool way for you to promote your work…which is excellent, btw.

  2. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Cyndi.

    I will check it out.

  3. Wow those are beautiful! You are so talented…I love the spirit of your work its so happy and energetic!

  4. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Cutemama!

    Glad the happiness and energy comes through, that was exactly what I was going for!

  5. These look great Paula! I love that you’re flowers are green!

  6. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Cynthia,
    I just love green flowers! The only one I’ve ever seen in real life was a green orchid. Beautiful flower!

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