Today’s Daily Journal Painting


Today’s painting is called ‘Brown Sun’. This is one of my favorite color combinations. Turquoise with yellow and brown. All of my daily journal paintings are watermixable oil paintings on 8 x 10 inch canvas board. I finished two daily paintings today, but I’m saving the other one for tomorrow. I also worked some on the new Flower spiral abstract. I may finish it tomorrow.

Can’t complain about today, the weather is great, I painted for 3 hours and now I have mat orders to cut. This weekend is the beginning of Balloon Fiesta so I will have to get ready for the outdoor market tomorrow and Friday. I haven’t decided whether to set up both Sat. and Sun. or just Sat. I will make up my mind Sat. after I see how busy it is out there. I have been told that Balloon Fiesta weekends are the busiest. It may rain, so that could dampen the mood.


One response to “Today’s Daily Journal Painting

  1. Hmmm, one of my favorite color combinations as well!!! My other faves are pink and red or pink and orange…I think because when I was little, my mom told me to never wear those colors together!

    I get disappointed when I don’t see new posts on the blogs that I read at least a few times a week…so I check back!

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