Friday again

Here it is, Friday again. As usual, I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. I did complete quite a bit of painting though! I have missed working in the studio, so I was inspired to get back to painting this week. I started a larger flower spiral abstract today. Glad today is Friday, looking forward to having a weekend off to spend with the family!

Here are a couple more paintings finished yesterday. These are also 8 x 10 inches on canvas board. They will be going up for auction by next week. I will add the links once the auctions are started. Don’t forget to check out the paintings from yesterday’s post as well. (Update: These auctions have ended, all unsold auctions will be posted for sale in my etsy shop, follow the links)

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2 responses to “Friday again

  1. Hello Paula,

    Thanks for complimenting me
    on my blog.

    You too made my day happier just
    by commenting.


  2. I know the sentiment Paula about not getting everything done that you set out to do. I seem to under-estimate how long something is going to take me to finish…

    These look great!

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