Almost over!

Four days left out at the State Fair. It’s been a busy week. Yesterday was dollar day, so it was the most crowded day so far. We had a downpour early in the afternoon, but it didn’t scare anyone away. I sold the painting that I posted a couple of days ago along with another painting I completed out there. I have one more that I did that I need to photograph today. The other one was sold before I had the chance to take a picture of it. This has been a very successful show for me, which has been very nice. I needed the confidence boost!

I’m taking the day off on Monday, but plan on putting up some new listings on Tuesday. Once the fair is over I plan on only one more weekend out at the outdoor market for Balloon Fiesta weekend. Then it’s inside for the rest of the winter. Time to paint my heart out and get ready for Christmas time.

I will try to post my other painting sometime today if I can get the signal long enough and strong enough. I have also painted a few more boxes that I need to photograph. I sold one without getting a photo of it. Wouldn’t you know it was my favorite one! I may have to paint another one like it to keep!

In other news, my oldest son called recently to tell me that he’s looking into joining the Air Force. I’m proud of him for his patriotism, he was brought up to be patriotic, but I fear for him being in the military in a time of war. Luckily, the Air Force is probably the safest branch for him to join. I’m being supportive because I know that flying is his one big dream. As a mom, I just can’t help but want to keep him from it. However, being a veteran of the US Army, I know it will be the best thing he can do for himself. I’ll just keep hoping and praying that he won’t ever be in harms way. Just like every other mom of a service member. I guess it just gives me more reason to promote peace.


2 responses to “Almost over!

  1. Congratulations on your success Paula! That’s terrific news.

    It’s rainy, dreary and cold here in Colorado today and I think through the weekend. I think we have gotten used to the sunshine year round that when it is rainy, we’re in shock. It’s probably similar for you in NM?

    I’m an army brat myself. In retro-spect, it was a great experience for me growing up. We lived all over the US and in Germany 6 years. I can imagine your fears, however. During peace time it’s great, in war, it’s not. My dad served in Vietnam and it definitely changed him. I was young…but I know the stories. I hope he makes the best decision for himself. As moms, I think we will worry whenever our children leave home.

  2. Paula Manning-Lewis

    Thanks Cynthia! The weather has been colder and cloudy here too. Not as cold as up there I’m sure, but colder than normal for here.

    I think the Air Force is going to be very good for my son. I was in the Army myself, so I know it is great for helping young people grow up. Like you said though, it’s hard not to worry as a mom.

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