Peace Jam

Thanks Cynthia for the link to the Peace Jam website! I may have to look into starting a Peace Jam club here in Albuquerque, if there isn’t one already. What a wonderful organization! We need more of these type of people in the world. I only wish I would have known about the conference before it was over!

This is the last week out at the State Fair. The fair ends on Sunday. I have really enjoyed being out here, meeting people from all over the state and even a few tourists. One of my favorite things about New Mexico is the great diversity of the people that live here. Every other place I’ve been has seemed so one dimensional compared to here. Then of course there is also the natural beauty of this place. If you have never been here, I must suggest you come out for a visit someday. When you do, please stop by and say hi!


2 responses to “Peace Jam

  1. I know what you mean…by the time the Peace Jam was on my radar it was too late!

    I have only been to NM a few times…Sante Fe, Taos and Albuquerque sp?. We drove through NM on our way to visit the Grand Canyon. It is beautiful!

    How is the fair coming along?

  2. Paula Manning-Lewis

    WOW! You know how to spell Albuquerque! NO ONE ever gets that right!

    The Fair is going well, only 6 days to go! I took the afternoon off yesterday so I could restock. That’s the good thing about sharing a booth. I think I’m going to sleep for a day when it’s all done. I’m so tired!

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