Gearing up for the State Fair

The next two weeks are preparation time! On September 8th, the New Mexico State Fair begins and I will be there with my art! I had a booth last year for the first time, and boy was it a blast! People come from all over the state to join in the festivities! This year will be even more fun for me as I will be sharing a booth with my artist friend, Josephine Brionez de Flores. She does wonderful work with feathers. The only other show she sells at is the Spanish Market in Santa Fe. This will be her first year at the Fair. I plan to get some photos of her work posted here in the near future.

One of the new things I plan to have this year is my photography. I have been taking photos all my life, I received my first camera when I was 8 years old. Up to this point I have always used photos as reference material for my art and never considered selling my photos as art on their own. My grandpa was a wonderful photographer and he even owned his own printing shop. So, I guess I’m following in his footsteps with the photography. I only wish he was still here to see the work I’ve done. I only hope he’s smiling down on me! 🙂 Below are a few of the photos I have already printed. They were taken this summer at Arches National Park. I will post more as I get them printed.

I also have a series of cloud photos that will be shown for the first time at the Fair. I hope to have the photos printed as matted prints as well as notecards. I will post the cloud photos later as I am having trouble with blogger at the moment.

On another note, my middle son turns 16 today! Poor guy, he’s home sick today with a nasty cold/flu thing and a high fever. It seems like only yesterday he was a little boy!

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One response to “Gearing up for the State Fair

  1. I visited New Mexico once. I went to Ghost Ranch, Sante Fe and Taos. i loved it. I wil definately return one day. I am also an artists (pastels) but I have little time to paint recently with family and work.

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