I have been very busy lately, as you can see. There are many more new images to come. I still need to finish one and download photos of other new pieces.

I have come to realize that I am knee deep in a transition phase of my art. I no longer have much urge to paint anything realistic. I hope I don’t lose collectors with this transition. Although I know I will gain new ones. I hope everyone will understand that this is the progression of an artist’s life. I have to admit I am a little afraid to go through with it. It is easier to stay in my old rut. The problem is that I have no control over what comes out when I sit down to paint. I cannot hold back any longer. I need to paint what is inside me. Don’t ask me to explain this new work, I haven’t figured it out yet. I will continue to post more as I discover what drives this new direction. I do know this much, all my life I have struggled with “what” to paint. I have drawn and painted what other people have suggested, what interests me, and all of the traditional subjects of artists throughout the ages. Has this really been me? At different periods of my life, I suppose it was me in that moment. So this is me at THIS moment. What I find a little ironic is that I started out thinking abstract was stupid (I was the young, stupid one) and now I believe that abstract art is the absolute essence of an artist’s soul. I guess it’s not necessarily ironic just the ignorance of youth replaced with the experience of an older artist.


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