Still working on 1992

I’m still working on 1992, but it has proved to be fairly difficult because it all came flooding back and there was a lot happening! Most of it bad!

Thank God it’s all in the past! Thank God that my current husband wants nothing to do with my art business, because he has his own goals and ambitions! Thank God we own our home (not a trailer!) and I don’t have to deal with landlords anymore! Thank God I got away from my first husband! Thank God I don’t have small children anymore! I’m sure there are many other things I am thankful for……Thank God!

It is good to look back at the past and see where all the lessons were learned….and be happy that I don’t ever have to go there again!

I’ve definitely learned to appreciate all the good in my life now….it wasn’t too long ago that there wasn’t much good to appreciate!

And how can I forget….Thank God for giving me my art to get me through it all!!


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