The Health Benefits of Meditation


I have been meditating for 8 years now and I couldn’t live without it anymore. It has so many benefits! I highly recommend giving it a try! There are many guided meditations on youtube to get you started. :)

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Meditation is a form of relaxation and has significant health benefits. When meditating, your breathing becomes deeper which allows your body to receive more oxygen, your heart rate slows, all your muscles begin to relax, all aches and pains disappear for the duration of your meditation, your mind switches off from daily human problems and you allow your inner mind (the spiritual mind) to communicate with the inner you, along with your Guides and Angels. Blood pressure drops and doing a meditation everyday, is enough to actually begin to feel these health benefits.

When researching on the web, how to meditate, the consensus is to switch phones off, get yourself comfortable, listen to some soft music and focus on your breathing. Advise is to meditated for 10 -20 mins at a time but in actual fact, all these health benefits can be gains with just 2 mins a day.


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Stages of a work in progress

I’ve been busy painting in my studio the past few weeks and it sure has been wonderful! :) I’ve been talking with my eldest son about getting my youtube channel active again. I would like to make time lapse videos of my paintings in progress, with my band’s and husband’s music in the background.

untitled original oil painting

“Touched by Love”, 9 x 19″ oil on canvas, available for $250

Problem is, I have no knowledge of video software and very little youtube knowledge. Luckily for me, my son is an animator and his youtube channel is going great! In the coming weeks he has promised to help me get this task figured out. I know what I want to do, I’ve seen other videos, but I don’t have the software to do it or the ability to operate said software!

original oil painting in progress

Work in progress, first progress photo, 8 x 16″ oil on canvas

If anyone out there has any suggestions for a good, inexpensive program specifically for the iMac, that also has the time lapse capability, please let me know in the comments! :)

untitled work in progress, progress photo #2, 8 x 16" oil on canvas

untitled work in progress, progress photo #2, 8 x 16″ oil on canvas

Until I get my head around the skills I need, still progress photos will have to do! The first photo is the painting I was working on in my last post, and is now complete.

original oil painting in progress

untitled work in progress, 8×16″ oil on canvas

The following photos are stages of the painting I’m currently working on. This painting is still in progress, currently waiting for the layers to dry before I lay down the last layer.

original oil painting in progress

untitled work in progress 4th progress photo, 8×16″ oil on canvas

Last Saturday I held an open studio event here at Chroma Studios, where I have my individual working space. My studio will be open EVERY Saturday in March from 1-5pm. If you happen to be in the Albuquerque area, stop by and say hi! The studio address is 1606 Central Ave SE, suite 201. :)

Painting again

Finding Balance original oil painting

“Finding Balance”, 16 x 20″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas, $485

The studio walls are down, the space cleaned up and it’s oh so nice and big! I’ve been painting this week! YAY! It’s been a little while, finally getting back to a couple of paintings I started back in January.

untitled work in progress original oil painting

Untitled work in progress, 9 x 19″ oil on canvas,

The first one is completed, still working on the second one. Hoping to finish it up this week, so I can spend next week getting ready for my open studio on Saturday the 7th. My band, Sunlight, also has a show on Friday the 6th in Santa Fe! It’s going to be a fun weekend!

Open Studio!

photo of studio enlargement

The view through the wall just before the frame came down.

Yes! Starting Saturday, March 7th, 1-5pm, I’ll be opening my studio every Saturday afternoon. I recently enlarged my studio space, so I now have more room for display. My studio is one of 10 studios at Chroma Studios here on Route 66 in Albuquerque, NM.

photo of new larger studio

This view is looking into the new, larger studio from the far corner of the old, smaller studio.

I’m working on getting other artists to join me in opening our studios every Saturday. So far, Robert Medina Cook, will also be joining in the fun by having his studio open too. Robert doesn’t just make gorgeous art, he also teaches Encaustic workshops here at the studios.

photo of painted record wall

Getting art hung! This is my painted record wall.

It’s a great time to visit working artist studios, see some of our processes, look at some really fun and amazing art, and perhaps find that perfect piece to fill a space on your home or office walls! There are no high pressure sales tactics here, but we sure would love to share our art with you!

photo of small paintings wall

This is the small paintings wall, these paintings are 6 x 6″ and 8 x 8″.

If attendance is good, we may continue the open studio Saturdays past the end of March. We look forward to seeing you here! :)

Having fun with taxes! UGH!

photo of Radiate Peace original oil painting

One of the new paintings for my February show, “Radiate Peace”, 16 x 16″ oil on canvas, available at Gallery Abq in February.

I had planned to start the year off with at least a blog post every week, maybe two per week. Obviously, that hasn’t happened. Now, I’m busy getting caught up with my taxes, so it may be another week or so. I just wanted to post a quick update until I can get around to a full post.

In addition to taxes, I’ve been busy taking down my art show in Los Alamos and then working on new paintings for a show I will be hanging here in Albuquerque next week for the month of February. I’m also working on getting back to my monthly enewsletter, which I hope to send out in the next week or two.

Above is one of the new paintings I finished this month. I will share more soon! Once I get the dreaded taxes done! :)

Winding down the year

photo of me and Aaron

It’s nearly impossible to get a serious photo taken with my husband!

I promise to be better about posting next year! (lol, sure, Paula, sure!) Seriously though, my show opened at the Fuller Lodge Art Center on Saturday, December 6th. I should have been here last week, posting about the opening and how much fun we had…., but I spent last week with the “after show funk”. For those of you who don’t know this phenomena, this is what happens after an artist has worked for months to put a show together, had fun at the opening and then wakes up on Monday morning with the thought, “now what?”

Silly guy!

Silly guy!

The opening went well and though I didn’t have any sales the night of, I’m confident that sales will occur in the weeks between the opening and closing of the show. :) Tomorrow morning I will be interviewed by the local Los Alamos radio station on their weekly arts show. :)

At least now you can see him! ;)

At least now you can see him! ;)

I brought my husband and our band mate, Ray, to the opening and we had fun performing a few of our songs. We, I mean “I”, sang Christmas carols with the daughter of the Director of the gallery. (The guys DON’T sing Christmas songs!) So much fun helping to inspire a young aspiring singer! :) She was so awesome, even if she was very nervous about singing in front of people.

Finally! A decent photo, ok, well, maybe not. ;-)

Finally! A decent photo, ok, well, maybe not. ;-)

We stopped in Santa Fe on the way home to have dinner and ended up waiting longer than it would have taken us to just drive home and make dinner. I guess that’s what we get for eating out in Santa Fe on a Saturday night without reservations. Lesson learned! The food was delicious though and it was nice to not have to cook for a change.

peace and flowers oil painting

Almost finished with this one! 10 x 10″ oil on canvas

I’ve been back in the studio again since Thursday, it took a few days to shake off the funk! So, here’s a couple WIP photos for you. Next show has been scheduled for here in Albuquerque in February. I will have more details coming soon!

hands and flowers original oil painting

WIP, detail, 8 x 12″ oil on canvas